Saturday, December 17, 2022

VMware Aria - Multi-Cloud Management solution


VMware Aria is an intelligent multi-cloud management solution that helps organizations manage their cloud infrastructure and operations. It provides a unified platform to automate and orchestrate the deployment, operation, and optimization of cloud workloads across multiple clouds. 
The VMware products and services within the VMware Aria  portfolio are:

VMware Aria Cost

VMware Aria Cost powered by CloudHealth VMware Aria Cost team was excited to announce the release of Anomaly Detection, available for AWS, Azure, and GCP environments.This feature identifies an unusual change in spend and provides you with ownership to analyze and act on unwanted changes – helping cloud adoption become more cost-effective.

VMware Aria Operations

Enable self-driving IT Operations Management across private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments with a unified operations platform that delivers continuous performance, capacity and cost optimization, intelligent remediation and integrated compliance through AI/ML and predictive analytics.

VMware Aria Automation 

Vmware Aria Automation is a modern infrastructure automation platform with event-driven state management. It is designated to help organizations control
and secure self-service multi-cloud with governance and DevOps-based infrastructure delivery


VMware Aria cloud management solution to make cloud complexity invisible in support of our customers journey to the cloud. It improves virtual and cloud IT operations across all cloud environments to help you to optimize resource utilization for better cost savings. Furthermore, VMware Aria simplifies the process of managing multi-cloud environments by providing a single point of control for all the cloud services used by an organization.

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Friday, November 25, 2022

vSphere 8 What's New

VMware vSphere 8 Enterprise platform is a powerful virtualization platform that provides organizations with the tools and features they need to ensure their IT infrastructure is secure, reliable, and scalable. It includes features such as high availability, scalability, and security. With VMware vSphere 8 Enterprise platform, businesses can quickly deploy applications and services with minimal effort and cost. The platform also supports advanced automation capabilities to help organizations manage their workloads more efficiently. Additionally, it enables organizations to take advantage of new technologies such as AI/ML to create innovative solutions for their customers.

vSphere Distributed Services Engine

In vSphere 8, an additional instance of ESXi is installed directly on the Data Processing Unit. This allows ESXi services to be offloaded to the DPU for increased performance.

In vSphere 8 GA. we support greenfield installations with support for network offloading with NSX. vSphere Distributed Services Engine is life-cycle managed using vSphere Lifecycle Manager. When remediating a host that contains a DPU ESXi installation, the DPU ESXi version is always remediated with the parent host and kept in version lock-step. 

Emergence of the Data Processing Unit

Data Processing Units (DPU) exist today and live in the hardware layer, similar to a PCIe device like a NIC or GPU. Today networking, storage and host management services run in the instance of ESXi virtualizing the x86 compute layer.

 ESXi on DPU

vSphere with Tanzu

Tanzu Kubernetes Grid on vSphere 8 consolidates the Tanzu Kubernetes offerings into a single unified Kubernetes runtime from VMware.

Workload Availability Zones are used to isolate workloads across vSphere clusters. supervisor clusters and Tanzu Kubernetes clusters can be deployed across zones to increase the availability of the clusters by ensuring that nodes are not sharing the same vSphere clusters.

ClusterClass is a way to declaratively specify your cluster’s configuration through the open-source ClusterAPI project.

PhotonOS and Ubuntu base images can be customized and saved to the content library for use in Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.

Pinniped Integration comes to the supervisor clusters and Tanzu Kubernetes clusters. Pinniped supports LDAP and OIDC federated authentication. You can define identity providers that can be used to authenticate users to the supervisor clusters and Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.


Virtual Hardware version 20

VMware vSphere 8.0 provides VM hardware version 20. This version of virtual hardware allows you to use the latest features of the newest vSphere version