Monday, March 20, 2017

Find “Zombie” VMDK files

Today’s post is titled find “Zombie” vmdk files , I was recently working with a customer whose task was to find out multiple snapshots that are not displayed in the snapshot manager.

I tried a lot of time to skip this problem with consolidation of the Virtual Machine but in this scenario this solution seems that doesn’t work.
The reason behind this task was that many of the virtual Machine where snapshot remove from virtual machine and the customer was not sure on how to clear up the “Zombi” vmdk files.
In order to remove safely the snapshots that you see in your vCenter you have to dig a little from the esxi hosts , my choice ran it RVTools and export the vCenter report.
vHealth tab that showed all Zombie VMDK’s “zombie” VMs and also listed VM’s that where named differently from their corresponding folder.

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