Tuesday, July 31, 2012

VCP5-Infrastructure as a Service certification

The VMware Certified Professional 5 – Infrastructure as a Service (VCP5-IaaS) validates your ability to install, configure and administer a Cloud environment using vCloud Director and related components. Achieving this certification demonstrates your understanding of basic cloud concepts including public/private/hybrid clouds, multi-tenancy and cloud security, as well as your skills in using vCloud Director to create and manage vApps, service catalogs, and organization/provider VDCs, as well as administering cloud enabled networking and storage.

Achieving a VCP5-IaaS certification validates your ability to:

    Install and Configure vCloud Director
    Administer Users, Roles, and Privileges in a vCloud
    Configure and Administer vCenter Chargeback, vCloud Networking, and vCloud   Organizations
    Allocate and Manage vCloud Resources
    Create and Administer vCloud Catalogs
    Monitor a vCloud Implementation

Become a VCP5-IaaS

    Be a VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 (VCP5)
    Pass the VCP5-IaaS exam

How to rollback update 1 package from ESXi5

 Access over remote console cards such as IMM, iLO, DRAC or direct attached screen:

1.    Reboot server
2.    Press Shift+r when the screen displays Loading VMware Hypervisor

ESXi5 recovery mode screen

•  Confirm selection – Y
•  Server restarts with an old build

ESXi5 build number before upgrade

Access to server via SSH

1.    Edit the files /bootbank/boot.cfg and /altbootbank/boot.cfg.
2.    In the bootbank copy of the file you should find updated=2.   It will be updated=1 in the altbootbank copy.
3.    Swap the values for updated, save the files and reboot.
Note:  the first way I mentioned using Shift+r is supported, the second method is not.

VMware Pulse IoT Center is Now Generally Available

VMware announces the general availability of VMware Pulse IoT Center, the first solution in a new family of VMware Internet of Thing...