Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ESXi Standalone update / Patch without update Manager

Easy way to update standalone ESXi host via command line. 
  • Use vSphere Client to connect to your ESXi host (or vCenter server)

  •  Browse a VMFS datastore (e.g. the local ESXi VMFS datastore if it has one)
  •  Upload your VMware ESXi update/patch (.zip file) to the VMFS datastore
  •  Put your host in maintenance mode (VMs will need to be powered off or  vMotioned to other hosts if in a cluster)
  •  SSH to the ESXi server and login as "root".
  •  Verify the ESXi version and build details using vmware -v 

  • Install the update using esxcli command
Command :  esxcli software vib install -d  /vmfs/volumes/datastore info/ESXi550-201501001.zip


  • Reboot the ESXi server
  • After reboot Exit Maintenance mode
  • Power on or if DRS is enable all the VM's has been migrate using vMotion. 

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