Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vblock Infrastructure

What is a Vblock Infrastructure platform ?

A Vblock infrastructure platform is an integrated solution that combines compute,network,storage and management components into a single package.

This package is a self-contained unit that can be utilized to deploy a single service, multiple service, or can be aggregated with additional Vblock platforms to support larger initiatives.

Best-in-class hardware and software from Cisco,EMC and Vmware.

Vblock platform was first introduced in late 2009, there were two models: Vblock 1, which was based on CLARiiON storage and Vblock 2, based on Symmetrix VMAX.

Now they introduced new models 300 and 700 on Unified storage that included the fully integrated. Over the year and a half, new UCS blades have been added, the addition of PowerPath/VE for automated path management, support for ESXi, and EMC UIM for single point of infrastructure management.

Vblock 100 Models

Vblock 200 Models

Vblock 300 Models

Vblcok 700 Models

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