Monday, March 9, 2015

vSphere 6.0 finally announced! and not yet released

I would like to share the quick post which details what is in vSphere 6.0 / what is new.

vSphere 6

Virtual Volumes

  • Long Distance vMotion
  • Cross vSwitch and vCenter vMotion
  • vMotion of MSCS VMs using pRDMs
  • vMotion L2 adjacency restrictions are lifted!
  • vSMP Fault Tolerance
  • Content Library
  • NFS 4.1 support
  • Instant Clone aka VMFork
  • vSphere HA Component Protection
  • Storage DRS and SRM support
  • Storage DRS deep integration with VASA to understand thin provisioned, deduplicated, replicated or compressed datastores!
  • Network IO Control per VM reservations
  • Storage IOPS reservations
  • Introduction of Platform Services Controller architecture for vCenter
    • SSO, licensing, certificate authority services are grouped and can be centralized for multiple vCenter Server instances
  • Linked Mode support for vCenter Server Appliance
  • Web Client performance and usability improvements
  • Max Config:
  • 64 hosts per cluster
  • 8000 VMs per cluster
  • 480 CPUs per host
  • 12TB of memory
  • 1000 VMs per host
  • 128 vCPUs per VM
  • 4TB RAM per VM
vSphere Replication

  • Compression of replication traffic configurable per VM
  • Isolation of vSphere Replication host traffic
  • vSphere Data Protection now includes all vSphere Data Protection Advanced functionality
  • Up to 8TB of deduped data per VDP Appliance
  • Up to 800 VMs per VDP Appliance
  • Application level backup and restore of SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint
  • Replication to other VDP Appliances and EMC Avamar
  • Data Domain support
Virtual SAN 6

All flash configurations
Blade enablement through certified JBOD configurations
Fault Domain aka “Rack Awareness”
Capacity planning / “What if scenarios”
Support for hardware-based checksumming / encryption
Disk serviceability (Light LED on Failure, Turn LED on/off manually etc)
Disk / Diskgroup maintenance mode aka evacuation
Virtual SAN Health Services plugin
Greater scale
64 hosts per cluster
200 VMs per host
62TB max VMDK size
New on-disk format enables fast cloning and snapshotting
32 VM snapshots
From 20K IOPS to 40K IOPS in hybrid configuration per host (2x)
90K IOPS with All-Flash per host

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